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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  January 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> a good us in morning to you january 12, 2016 snow showers may be on the way. gary mcgrady will touch base with weather and erin cuomo has traffic updates coming up on the five. welcome to welcome to "fox 5 news morning" i'm maureen umeh. >> out turkey a sxloshon at a popular tourist district diskilled 10 and injured others diskilled 10 and injured others. the explosion was close to a park home to a popular land mark. police and first responders on the scene and no word what caused explosion and officials believe it may have been a suicide bomber. we will continue to follow this breaking story as it develops. >> mean while this morning a lawsuit will be filed today against metro for last year's deadly smoke incident on a train. >> january 12 one person died when a electrical malfunction caused a train to fill up at
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the la front plaza station. the lawsuit filed on behalf of 80 people says metro failed to disclose the chemical compound part of the smoke when may have impaired treatment for patients. the metro general manager wrote a let to public saying the transit agency took several steps to improve safety. this morning two more victims have come forward in another violent attack on metro another violent attack on metro. d.c. couple says they were wait firing train at metro center one saturday night when ten teens came up and attacked them. one of them was hit so badly from behind that he suffered loss of vision. they say the attack was unprovoked. >> they came up i noticed they had scars on their face and they just said a few words about my shoes and getting up and if i wanted to give them my seat. and then before i had a chance to restopped, that's when they just started attacking. >> reporter: the male victim
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had two black, swollen eyes welts on his head and bruised wrists from shielding his face. his girlfriend was left bleed his girlfriend was left bleeding with a split lip. >> 10 months after a d.c. toddler died from choking on a grape "fox5" learned a fire lieutenant charged with neglected duty in that case was never disciplined and chose tone retire. last month lieutenant failed to restopped to the 18-month-old home in northwest. it took nearly 11 minutes for him to arrive. and investigators found that was in part because the lieutenant assigned to the nearby tulleytown station heard the call go out and did not restopped. lieutenant says he didn't respond because dispatch did not assign him to the call. this latest development leaves the toddler's parents even more upset. >> i am extremely upset. i'm very dispointed that the lack of responsibility and just
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responsibility. just the possibility he can get away with this without any proper disciplinary action sick proper disciplinary action sickens me. >> report also found that lieu ten apt was not sent to the call because communication tablet at the station lost contact with dispatch. despite that the lieutenant was charmed because investigators say he heard the call and fairld to respond any way. last year the d.c. council passed disciplinary investigation act which would prevent firefighters from retiring under certain circumstances. >> tonight at 9 p.m. president obama deliveries his final state of the union address. social media will may blah a big role. he plans to appear on youtube and snap chat. guests include a syrian refer ugee and former illegal imgrant that went to serve in the u.s. army and plaintiff in the supreme court case that legalized same-sex marriage and delegateel more holmes norriton said she will bring kenneth mc clinton to the speech. his daughter was shot and killed last month. she will bring him as her guest
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to highlight the issue of gun violence in the district. okay. tuesday morning, we have been talking snow. i know you don't want to necessarily hear that. >> no, wait a minute, a lot of people want to see snow. >> really you think so? >> yes. i know so. because people come to me all the time and say when will it snow? >> bring it on what are we secretary 1k3ebg9ing. >> two people outside yesterday i was not even out a lot. >> two is a lot. >> i wept to two places yesterday. >> two people. >> and both places they said that. >> i don't what you meant. >> other than that i was here at home. >> accumulating snow here? >> no not at all that's why i'm starting with this graphic by 11:00 tonight in terms of what snow we do see, it will be a few showers out there i think here in town we'll get a little rain possibly mixed in with light snow come ago cross and further north and west snow. higher elevations out to the west which by the way west of i 81 generally speaking mountains
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out there mainly to west virginia. light dusting. maybe extreme northern maryland you may get a few snow bursts up there late this afternoon early evening that could cause brief light dusting and temperatures today well into the 40s for everybody. that takes away any significant problems or potential problems. 32 this morning chilly mostly cloudy to cloudry all day long and lower to mid 40s for a high and showers late this afternoon and showers covers both and rain showers snow showers or even a mix of showers coming across this clipper taken gets very windy this evening. wind gusts 40 to 15 miles an hour and cold air slams through much colder tomorrow north 20s and low 30s for highs and erin cuomo is in way look at traffic on this tuesday morning. well feels like non me but yeah it's definitely tuesday morning, 5:06 now taking a live look outside traffic leading to
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the district 95 northbound at 619 through dumfries and volumes increasing an speeds nice upper 60s. i'll let i know if the volume slows down as it normally does during the morning ride. we switch it now from a look at cameras to look at maps and show you how the morning commute is looking. 395 roadwork in place between duke and seminary and no major slow downs there and cruise slow downs there and cruising over for a look at 295 traffic is prove is proving slowly speeds upper 6 0s. top of beltway and bw parkway route one looking great as well route one looking great as well. inner loop no delays to the wilson bridge and entire frech of the beltway is a stream now. crash and delay free at the moment. metro service if you want to skip roads is on or close to schedule. that's covered if and when that changes back to you wisdom. coming up new video of the arrest of drug lord el chapo. >> and standoff continues in oregon what protesters found they claim will prove their case. that's right after the break. uplift your mood with hand-crafted
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>> couch was dmawingt mexico with 18-year-old son ethan. he's accused of killing four them a drunk driving crash and was was only sntsed to probation. militia group occupying wild life ref umore than a week now accessed government files. leader bundi said he and followers are going through stores inside building and it will be used to expose how the government discriminated against local ranchars and group tore down government erected funds. many officials from the local mayor to oregon government nor ordered militants to leave. today general motors will be in court today. auto maker is facing several lawsuits over faulty ignition
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statements. opening statements expectsed to started and attorney for oklahoma man heard in 2014 crash planned to tell a jury that the faulty switch led to a crime injury. the auto maker will argue emission switch was not to blainl after the maybe saturn eye on was run off the road by another driving. other cases can be settled. and mexico has begun the process of extra indicting drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman to the united states and it could take a year to happen. a winner actor in magazine taking heavy fire ton't view that led to recapture last week. rolling stone article published asaturday sean penn interviewed him while on the run in october him while on the run in october. mexico officials sigh guzman called producers about a planned move planned movie of his life and his contacts with penn helped them track him down. penn he wrote in the article he deposit see any members of law enforcement tracking him he
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assumed they were. he is getting slack for meeting with fugitive. >> it's nothing new actors going and seeking out meeting like this. um, i don't want to throw any other actors under the bus but i know a lot of very very serious actors and film makers that have been having meeting like this forever. yesterday penn broke silence on the controversial interview in brief email statement to sosh qualityed press writing "i have nothing to hide." >> switching gears now let's talk sports. alabama college football play alabama, college football playoff champion. tide rolled to 45-40 win over clemson last night after trail clemson last night after trailing 4 2 4-21 they showed depth in 4th quarter clemson first loss of the season. big victory marks alabama fourth title in 7 years and fifth title for coach nick saban making him one of the
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best to ever do it. >> alabama. all right. it's 5:11 now. ahead in the news. how police in virginia connected jesse matthews to murder of hannah gram. first a check of warm and traffic. gary. you got the s word in the forecast. >> snow, snow and snow come ago croscis. not much. it's not significant for us. we'll see a little bit. i know a lot of people have been rooting it on. temperatures out this morning 31 here in town now. 20s in the suburbs. and if we get some snow when will it get here. when will it get out of here and when is the real cold stuff settling in. lots to talk about weather-wise lots to talk about weather-wise. full forecast coming up after this break. stick around.
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>> back now at 5:15. breaking news out of charles county. police are investigating a double shooting at home in the 11,000 block of paris drive in waldor of. police are on the scene. new details about what is going on. we know one person died and no word on what led to that shooting and the crew on the way to the scene we'll bring you updates as soon to as we get them. tuesday morning we have clouds out there. nothing falling from the sky yet. that we change later this afternoon into the evening hours. wind kicks in this evening. 40 to 50 mile an hour wind gust and cold air comes in. here's the setup. chance of snow, yeah yeah yeah, there's a chance of snow there. not a big deal though. snow showers come ago cross and rain showers in the city as well. behind this front two things
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whipped kicks up and cold air comes down. i'll show you where the cold air here is in a second. it's a clipper system. it doesn't have a lot of moisture too deal with for us. in terms of what it put down sometimes these things can bring more than advertised and it looks like as we track this today we'll see the majority of the snow the accumulating snow certainly staying well north west of us western sections of pa down through a lot of west virginia ohio, higher elevations out to the west. have a winter weather advisory in place. maybe 2 to 4" of snow before it's all said and done. nothing for us. we have a wind advisory that kicks in at 4:00 today and pretty much areawide that means wind gusts could be 40 to 50 and not expecting accumulation here along the i-95 corridor for the metro. west and north look there could be a snow burst that could put down a little brief coating and just briefly and it will melt. temperatures not cold enough to support that and ground warm. dusting possible up to pa.
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maybe northern sections. extreme northern parts of maryland and frederick country and harold county and places like that not howard carol county. 31 for us now buffalo is 18. the real cold stuff the leading edge of this next wave of arctic air came through minneapolis and most of minnesota coming into ohio now. chicago is 16. but once the front moves through there are temperatures that will take a dive and this super cold super dry air will really start to filter in here tonight and tomorrow and that brings colder temperatures for us. looks ominous with the snow back out west. doesn't. it lot of snow here and it's not a big deal. a lot not touching the ground. the heaviest of the snow is back out into western parts of ohio and central parts of that state. it's just leading edge is super light. more than anything i think it will be cloud cover for us. so afternoon showers really late afternoon for us. it will be a little rain shower activity here in the metro. and possibly switching over to a little bit of snow before it's all said and done.
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mostly snow extreme northern maryland and into southern pa and western sections to i 81 back out west there and everybody else has a mixture late today. high temperatures 45. it won't do much. winds southwest 10 to 20 until late this afternoon and evening when the winds start kicking up and real gusty this evening and gusty overnight tonight. we're talking 40 to 50 mile an hour wind gust. 33 tomorrow here in the city. but it won't feel that way. wind will keep us feeling in the 20s. in the teens wind chills for suburbs tomorrow. so real real tough cold air coming in tomorrow. and it goes away. 44 thursday 50 friday, 51 with a few showers early on saturday. and clouds on sunday. next week we'll get colder and touch of winter coming our way. here's erin. >> well 5:18 now gary taking a look at traffic. it's really quiet outside. as you wake up and take 270 you look good. 66 now from fairfax country
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parkway to nutly street. it's a dream wide on westbound side. as you make your way to the beltway and beltway inerin outer loops cruise ago around without any problems. let's switch it over and show you maps. earlier roadwork dealing with on 395 cleared out of the way and southbound roadwork continues after seminary road and northbound side back to normal all on. 295 inbound looking good and if you head out tonight around the capitol building keep in mind state of the union closures begin 7 p.m.. portions of constitution avenue, independence avenue first, second, cd, delaware maryland pennsylvania avenue new jersey and south capitol street for a full list of those closures if you plan on being out and about i suggest getting early start and getting in we me on twitter "fox5" d.c.. that's a look at traffic wisdom. >> thank you new at the details in the case of man charged with killing uva student. yesterday a former detective testified and said a dog found traces of hannah gram inside
5:20 am
jesse matthew's apartment and car. he is charged in capital murder he is charged in capital murder. his lawyers are challenging search warts that allow police to serve his car and apartment. he is facing murder khans of 2009 death of virginia tech student morgue ab harrington. >> new hampshire trial date is set for baltimore police officer ceasar goodson after they delayed the start of trial in freddie gray. jury selection was supposed to start saturday. officer goodson is second to be charged in the case facing the most serious charges including second degree debraved heart murder and manslaughter. goodson was driving the police van that gray was riding in when he suffered a spine when he suffered a spinal injury that led to his death. maryland cot after peels postponed the trial after the first officer tried william porter requested to block an order forcing him to testify in goodson's trial. >> last night, several prince william country residents came together to learn how to stop crime in the area they attended
5:21 am
neighborhood watch training section and training comes on heels of rash of recent robberies 7-eleven stores and robbers are hitting neighborhoods too. those who attended last night's meeting learned from police what is suspicious activity and how to report it and what to do when confronted with a crime. >> we hope impact it will have is getting more people on board and paying attention to neighborhoods because obviously police cannot be in every neighborhood all the time and this allows us more information and getting in there and helping each community. >> police showed a department of homeland training video that shows how to restopped to active shooter situation. run, hide fight it's the same video shop at university across the country. this was the first neighborhood watch training so far this year. >> now to a "fox5" exclusive recently our chief investigative reporter emily miller found out off duty police officers were turned away from the walnut theater because they were carrying guns, theater says it's their policy off duty officers cannot have a gun inside. city assistant police chief is
5:22 am
weighing in and saying he was not happy to hear the incident. the community is safer when armed officers on duty or not are allowed to interact with the public. >> i think if you talk to most of our officers, when they're off duty they will carry. because they're committed to helping people. we have more law enforcement officers in our city than most other cities. you're almost always going to have an immediate police response. >> our theater is the only other theaterner d.c. with a no gun police policy for law enforcementment warper theater tells "fox5" they have armed security of their own. >> a wanted man upset with mug shot. sends police a selfie. don't miss the pictures later this hour and if you hoped for colder winter the grass is not always greener on the area side, we'll be right back.
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>> all right. look at this. defroster will not do you any good in this situation. >> nope. >> bit of winter blast turned this car to ice sculpture near lake erie buffalo new york. >> that's the first mistake. >> rain, snow and freezing temperatures wreak temperatures wreaked havoc causing that car to ice over. look at that. >> check back in may. >> that's -- it's going to be hard to get that thawed out and rolling again. >> you have to leave it. >> you can't leave it there. >> what will you do. >> well that do damage.
5:26 am
>> yeah, your battery will probably be dead and. >> but like the paint. >> and the paint you can't leave that on there. no. >> how do you get that off. >> no. >> melt. >> no. >> what do do you. >> scrape it off. >> listen here. >> pour water do something. >> as a resident of chicago. >> you have never in your life seen a car like that frozen. >> i sure have. >> that it belonged to you. >> not to me. >> sibling fight. let's go talk to gary about the fact we won't see anything at that level. >> nothing like that. >> i'm a baby i let middle and oldest go at it. >> mama says let's move on. >> all good. >> i'm not saying who is oldest i'm saying clearly there's oldest and middle child there. >> gary don't make me come in there. >> 31. >> 26 dulles and 25 frederick and 27 these are current temperatures out there this morning. we warmed up a little in town. 31 now. highs today making it lower to
5:27 am
mid 40s. a lot of clouds and we have snow showers. rain shower mixture coming on across. just so you know this is how the clip area infects things bringing in snow. significant snow will be way out west northwest any light dusting probably extreme northern maryland. >> we see a little taste of snow getting windy tonight cold tomorrow. >> all right. let's bring in erin. >> on the roads. >> right now 5:27 and traffic is looking good on 270 dpred rick and you're moving well from 70 to truck scales. you see the green there. looking outside to see what's shaping up this morning. headlights coming towards us moving well father hurley to 11 moving well father hurley to 118. no issues or crashes to report. we'll look back at maps and show you what else you're up against this morning in prince george bw parkway south two cars on the shoulder now and before 193 good news green on the maps and i'll let you know if that slows you down. bw parkway northbound side
5:28 am
looking good towards airport and no problems in dulles or reg app national. we'll be back in a few. keep it to "fox5 news morning"
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>> all right. 5:30, tuesday morning we have several stories breaking overnight we want to get to. >> police in istanbul turkey on the scene of a blast this morning. ten were killed and 15 injured. turkish media say it was near a
5:31 am
park that attracts tourist. no word on what caused explosions but they believe it may have been suicide bomber. we'll continue to follow the breaking story as it develops. >> we're following breaking news closer to home. police in charles couldn't question are investigating a double shooting at a home in the 11000 block of terrace drive and waldor of and this happened early this morning and there's a few details here and one person died. no word what led to the shooting and there is a crew on the way to the scene that will bring updates when we get them. >> up to this morning alexandria police investigating a robbery that happened in the 4600 block of duke street a man was lured to a woman to the location of robbery last night when two men and women robbed him of several items and the man was not hurd and no weapon was used during that robbery. >> and happening today a lawsuit will be filed against metro for last year's deadly smoke incident on a train. one person died when electrical malfunction us kaed the train to fill up with smoke as la front plaza station. lawsuit filed on behalf of more than 80 people says metro
5:32 am
failed to disclose the chemical compound part of the smoke which may have impaired treatment for patients and meanwhile metro general manager has written a letter to public saying the transit agency has taken several steps to improve safety. this morning two more victims came forward in another violent attack on melt row. d.c. couple says they were waiting for a train at metro center saturday night when about ten teens came up and attacked them. one was hit so bade from behind suffer a loss of vision and they say the attack was unprovoked. ten months after d.c. toddler tie died from choking on a grape "fox5" lrnd a fire lieutenant was charged with neglect of duty in this the case and never disciplined and decided to retire. last mar of he failed to respond to the infant's home in the northwest and it took 11 minute for help to get there. that was in part that a lieutenant assigned heard the
5:33 am
call go up and didn't respond. lieutenant says he did not respond because dispatch did not assign him to the call and the latest involvement leaves the toddler's parents more upset. >> i am extremely upset. i'm very dispointed that the lack of responsibility and accountability and possibility he can get away with this without any proper disciplinary action sickens me. >> a report also found lieutenant was not september to the call because of communication tablet at the station lost contact with the dispatch. despite that lieutenant was charged because investigators say he heard the call and failed to respond any jp way. last year d.c. council passed disciplinary investigation act which prevents firefighters from retiring under certain circumstances. >> tonight at 9 p.m. president obama will deliver time app state of the union address and
5:34 am
social media will play a big role he plans to appear on youtube and snap chat and he will have a former refugee that served the u.s. army and plaintiff in supreme court case that legalized same sex marriage and also delegateel more holmes norriton will bring mc clinton to the speech. his daughter was shot and killed returning home from work last may. norriton says she will bring mr. norriton says she will bring mr. mc clinton as her guest to highlight issue of gun violence in the district. >> powerball papd moan yum it bloomed to 1.4 billion offering tickets holders chance to day stream about spending largest jock pot in the world. it started 4 0 million back in november. the prize is so big some billboard advertising lotto are having trouble posting the number. some signs are showing 999 million dollars even though of course the number is higher.
5:35 am
next powerball drawing is tomorrow. all right time now to talk weather and right now it's all good. compared to this afternoon when it starts drizzle it starts drizzling and dripping snow. >> good. >> from the sky. >> exactly. really the big story here is not this little snow flying around this afternoon. >> what's bigger than that. >> the wind the wind look at that 40 to 50 mile an hour gusts. >> will thatp haen when the snow is coming. >> it will be snow and winds kick up a bit and so there will be a period of time maybe two three hours where potential is where the wind overlaps with snow and then wind take over. >> it could be messy. >> no, it -- yeah, it's not going to be a problem driving a around because of snow or anything like that. it's just going to be in the 40s today. that's not going to be a problem. when the wind kicks in 40 to 50 mile an hour wind gusts that's enough to blow your huge suv off you know around.
5:36 am
so high profile vehicles late this afternoon and evening you know luxury kind like wisdom martin drives around. >> heavy and big though. >> but 40 to 50 mile an hour wind gusts keep that in mind it goes until midnight. it's windy overnight tonight and cold air comes in and changes things for tomorrow and makes it much cold area round here. tomorrow will be straight upwinder. it's 31 now. not bad. temperatures mid 20s in suburbs and 25 to 31 after school a little shower with maybe a snow shower west and northwest and little rain shower here coming out across. and then we'll end up with snow showers and then again much, much colder air coming in tonight and tomorrow. that's right erin, my voice, i don't know where it went. >> i'm fighting a cold too. i understand. >> it's not a cold i feel great but -- >> party weekend i understand gar. >> you know it. >> you can tell me later at the commercial break. >> taking a look at traffic now on prince george breaking news
5:37 am
for you two crashings you wants to avoid bw parkway southbound. two cars before 193 and three car cash past 450 and delays to 410 we see gray area turn red quickly best bet keep to 1 southbound that saves time as you head to the beltway. we'll keep you updated on that because most of those doesn't not looking hot and you can take 50 in. aside from that montgomery county now outer loop moving well new hampshire to old georgetown road. let's look live outside and show you how that part of the ride is shaping up. ut other loop is picking up 270 southbound side moving well father hurley to 17. when that changes through gaithersburg quiet. another look at maps we'll show you how the rest of the ride around the district is looking. keep in mind states of the union closures begin 7 p.m. capitol building and give your capitol building and give yourself extra time to get around and watch for delays as you head down there constitution avenue portions of independence as well as other secondarys like new jersey avenue and south capitol street check in with me on twitter
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erin "fox5" d.c. and full list of closures for you maureen. >> thank you, erin. time now is 5:38 and while your tweets could be featured on twitter. just ahead. >> and plus are your gadgets keeping you from getting a good night's sleep. apple has a solution. we'll talk about it next the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> coming up next doneal trump informal interview for president of the united states. >> and we'll call it muggy. wanted man's request for police right after warm and traffic. gary. >> thanks a lot. temperatures this morning 31234 unf in town. still 31. 34 for annapolis and back out western northwestern suburbs in the 20s. we'll get a little snow flying in the air today. maybe rain too. we'll tale you about all about that. windy and tup windy and super cold tonight and tomorrow. a little winter blast coming our way. forecast, more news, all that good stuff. erin is back with traffic too stay with us.
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>> breaking news out of charles koptsy this morning police are investigating a double shooting in a home in the 11000 black waldor of -- we do know one person has died and no word on what led to that shooting. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you updates. >> all pretty calm out there this morning. generally cloudy skies over the district. kind of broken clouds back out to the west of us. temperatures are in the mid 20s west and northwestern suburbs and here in town 31. annapolis warmer at 34. this is bus stop forecast. pickup time 25 to 31 and cloudy skies and everything dry. after school, into the afternoon. 3, 4 5:00 all bets off we will
5:46 am
have snow showers further west and northwest. frederick country you probably maybe have a little snow shower activity 4, 5:00 and loudoun country probably snow shower activity and here in town along the i-95 corridor looks like it starts little bit of rain and may mix to a little snow shower activity before it comes to end activity before it comes to end later on this afternoon and evening too. here's the big system. clipper comes across snow showers and rain showers aread of it will be in the mid 40s today. don't expect problems from this. behind the front behind the clipper couple of things will happen. first of all the winds will really kick up late this afternoon and early evening and wind advisory me place 40 to 50 mile an hour whipped gusts real deal coming in behind the front and cold air will shift in behind as well. making it very cold and blust making it very cold and blustery overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. here's the deal with the snow chances. really no accumulation expected anywhere around here through the metro to baltimore and
5:47 am
northeastern sections of maryland. southern pennsylvania extreme northern and northwestern maryland may get a little dusting here. snow burst would not surprise me from time to time in places that may briefly cover the ground. but the significant snow real snow way back out west. western virginia eastern west virginia and extreme western maryland and up to western pa that's where there's a winter weather advice any place maybe good 2 to 4" of snow higher elevation and western facing mountains get the most. next couple days 45 today. showers. whether snow showers or rain showers or combination of both. okay that's a real possibility. look at tomorrow. super cold. 33 degrees. most places will stay in the upper 20s. and wind will blow tomorrow 10 to 20. maybe a few gusts 25. we'll never feel like we're in the 20s or 30s. we'll be in the teens and feels like or 20s and feels like.
5:48 am
31 in town binghamton 16. not super cold northwest because clipper is m coming through. there's snow flying out here with clouds too. that's keeping temperatures up a little bit. i know looking at this it looks ominous but a lot of snow is not touching the ground and it's very, very weak the heaviest of the snow is through central sections and western parts of ohio and as the clipper comes across of course we'll have a better chance for a little bit of snow shower activity again western and northwestern neighborhoods a mix here along the i-95 corridor. manner today starting out chilly. 3. mostly cloudy to cloudy temperature 41 lunchtime mid 40s briefly and cloud up and showers and snow showers later on this afternoon into the evening hours. much colder tomorrow. tomorrow, real deal map, windy cold 33. again windchill factors teens and 20ss and warmer thursday with clouds and 50 on pri and 5 with clouds and 50 on pri and 51 saturday and so it's one day
5:49 am
where really we get real real cold here and warm back up. erin cuomo with a look at tuesday morning traffic. house it going, erin. >> that's right, 5:49 now two big accidents happening on bw parkway first prince george country southbound side two cars involved before 193 as you pass that point deal with a few lanes blocked now three cars involved in this accident and 4 involved in this accident and 450 delays to beltway you see the line of read carlton to 20 the line of read carlton to 201. you hit stopped traffic trying to merge to one right lane. my best advice take route 1 southbound that saves time this morning. keep in mind also if you take 50 and 50 inbound now not looking terrible. we'll move it over for a look in frederick. 270 southbound usual zone of volume building 70 to truck scales this morning and aside from that prince bill yum 66 eastbound side and looking really nice right now light volume from 234 to centerville and quick look at cameras and how that part of ride is shaping up up can see traffic
5:50 am
moving well past prince william parkway. i'll keep you posted metro close to schedule that's a look at traffic. comedian bill cosby facing more back lash. george washington university plans to rescind cosby honorary degree. gw is latest from baca way from cosby. more than 50 women accused the entertainer of sexually assaulting them. last month he was charged in decade old case and the university stood by the actor but following recent developments the university chanced stance. the president of the university says the change is due to emotional impact it has on suffer advise of several assault and in a statement the controversy itself has been a cause of renewed distress for students and alumni survivors of sexual assault. that makes this case different. there's a coyote problem in fairfax county. coyotes prey on small animals including pets.
5:51 am
keep them up gorz and provide secure shelters for small animals. if you come face to face with coyote use a noise maker coyote use a noise maker throw a small rock and make noise. >> ringle >> ringling brothers are stopping all elephant acts: packaderms will retire to the company 200 acre center for son ser vacation. 11 are touring and it cost 6 a5 this a year to care for eachel at that pointch the latest elephant led show will begin in july. >> 5:51 now. taking you quickly back to breaking news from charles country our first live pictures now from the scene of double shooting at a home on terrace driver in waldor of. few details right now but we know one person died. to word on what led to that shooting. we'll get a full report from "fox5" melanie alnwick who will
5:52 am
be live on the scene in a matter of minutes. >> in the meantime when you vie for most important join in country it's only fair you undergo interview right? >> that's exactly what happened to donald trump when he stopped by the tonight show with jimmy fallon monday night. fall on was fall on was sure to ask the presidential hopeful the important questions. >> tell me about yourself. >> i'm extraordinarily handsome person. i have a beautiful head of hair i have a beautiful head of hair. >> i noticed that yeah. >> are you willing to relocate? >> i love the whitehouse. >> this is a high profile position. is media attention something wow be comfortable with. >> not at all i would be very, very uncomfortable with that [ very uncomfortable with that [ laughter ]. >> wow. i don't know what to say about that. >> i know we're supposed to react. i'm not sure what to say to that either then it's all the candidates making usual rounds
5:53 am
on late night talk show and talk show host doing their best talk show host doing their best. which jimmy fallon he's pretty few any. >> they all end up the same make jokes and lawv. >> there you have it. >> and a reminder though that the fox business network hosts this week's republican presidential debate in south carolina the moderateers debate is thursday at 9:00 7 gop republican candidates were invited to prime time debate trump, cruz, rubio, ben carson jeb bush new jersey governor chris christie and ohio governor john kasich. >> and this next story we can file in the not so smart criminal folder police say ohio man posted selfie to facebook page after he saw his own mug shot and deposit like it. >> department originally posted his mug shot to the page in hopes of tracking him down that's when he commented with this selfie and caption here's a better photo that one is terrible.
5:54 am
police still have not been able to find him but they appreciate him helping out. >> they should show the original mug shot do we have that? >> that is the stylish shot. >> really. >> if you look for me at least give it to the right person this is how i really look. >> he has a reputation to uphold. >> they can't catch him yet and he's sending them picture. >> in time. >> that's a clear picture too. >> i hope that's the right guy what if it was wrong. >> that's the same guy. >> funny, funny. >> we'll all be taking pix in our winter gear. >> oh, man, family. >> coming in tonight. >> that's not gary. >> i was going to say. >> handsome man though isn't it >> handsome man though isn't it. >> we want to make sure you catch the day at 10 a later. he'll join us live for the entire hour. he'll be the co-host as a matter of fact. use #good day d.c. mr. marlin
5:55 am
wayne director and star of 5 shades of black -- it looks pretty few any. >> few for winter gear gary. >> snow showers possible today mixing in with rain in the is the is they. not going to be a big deal. where there's a possibility there's light dusting well up to the norm of us. and further back out to the north and west more significant snow. basically out of west virginia western 36789 western 36789 pa ohio, winter weather advisory in place for extreme western maryland to. we don't have to worry about anything significant my voice it going maybe a snow mixing in with rain late in the afternoon with rain late in the afternoon. we'll see flakes around later today. high temperature mid 40s today. super cold told. keep in mind winds gust this evening and overnight 40 to 50 miles an hour and cold air comes in and 33 tomorrow. one day cold and we'll warm back up. lower 50s by the weekend.
5:56 am
>> okay. >> crazy winter so far crazy winter. >> yeah. >> sure is. >> let's check in with erin cuomo. >> taking a look at crash activity we're tracking in prince george county. this crash headed south bw parkway two cars involved before 193 and things after that accident back up through new carlton dealing with a three car accident after 450 delays back to the beltway. heavy traffic there. suggesting route 1 southbound to save extra time this morning and even 5 southbound but i really avoid bw parkway southbound especially once you hit the beltway a side from that prince william now 95 northbound yellow zone kip call congestion dale city to 123 as we move over now and take a look state of the union tonight at 7. closures begin around the capitol, constitution avenue and portions of independence and you can check in with me on twitter and erin "fox5" d.c. for full list of closures this evening. that's a look at traffic. holly. >> thanks airport ahead at 6 a recall alert to tell you about involving children's cold syrup
5:57 am
and it's expanding this morning. >> and plus, now that the powerball is up to 1.4 billion you can bet a lot more people are getting in on that office pool. >> have we done ours yet. >> have to get to it. >> details about apostolic nuncio that keeps track of who is in and who has paid.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> straight ahead at 6 we're on the scene of a double shooting in charles county this happened at a home in waldor of
6:00 am
what police are saying about this incident coming right up. >> and also break news overseas a deadly explosion in turkey in a city filled with tourists and the situation unfolding hours ago. the very latest still ahead. >> first a live look outside on this tuesday morning january 12 good morning, i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning" on this tuesday morning. the big torrey today though the possibility of very light snow showers during the evening rush hour and you can see the system out there to the west moving towards or region and wind will be a huge issue talking about gusts of 40 miles an hour this afternoon. and in the disstick the mayor will deploy the snow team in case positioning 15 plows on primes overpasses and major routes to monitor conditions. we will get our forecast from tucker barnes coming up in a few minutes at 6:05. >> in the meantime following breaking news out of charles county par mar where police are on the scene double shooting in waldor of. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is arrive arriving on the scene mom


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